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The Alstrom Point Tour

The Alstrom Point Tour Details:

Alstrom Point Tours is a guided land based tour and photography service, taking tourists from Page, AZ to Alstrom Point, overlooking Lake Powell, Padre Bay, Navajo Mountain, and the Glen Canyon National Recreation area.

Tours originate in city of Page and run twice daily. There is a morning/sunrise tour and an evening/sunset tour. Each tour will be an estimated three hours in length. This three-hour period allows for the 1 hr 10 min drive to Alstrom Point, approximately 40 minutes to enjoy the view and take photographs, and return. The route goes from Page to Big Water and then along the NP230 to NP264/Alstrom Point Trail and out to the point.

Alstrom Point Tours runs a single 12 passenger van (11 passengers plus the driver) for the two daily trips, 7 days a week. Our vans are Nissan NV3500 passenger vans with modified suspension and off-road tires. The vans are ADOT certified/registered and with safety equipment, spare tires, first-aid kits, extra water etc. All drivers/guides are trained professionals. All passengers receive safety instructions and an overview of park policies and regulations before they begin the tour. Food is not provided, although passengers will be highly encouraged to bring water and wear appropriate sun protection. No overnight trips. Any and all trash will be removed and brought back with each tour.

A map of the route is also provided.

Watch this alstrom point tour amazing view we have captured.


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