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Itinerary Travel
Our TLC Tour – Itinerary Travel At It’s Finest

You may be asking what is itinerary travel? If so, you have come to the right place to find your answer. Itinerary travel is where someone else has mapped out the trip and how to get to and from each site. This removes almost all the planning and stress from your trip so you can…

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Arizona Canyons
A Look Into Arizona Canyons

Have you ever been to any Arizona canyons? If you have not, you should definitely add it to your list of travel dreams. These canyons are breathtaking and awe-inspiring. They are the kind of places to bring battery packs to, so everything stays charged. You can take as many pictures as you want while you…

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Monument Valley Tour
Our Monument Valley TLC Tour

At Dixie’s Lower Antelope Canyon Tours we are so excited to announce the comeback of our Monument Valley TLC Tour. This tour is back by popular demand and we could not be more excited. Our professional staff is ready to take you on a fabulous day of fun and adventure. Monument Valley is the perfect…

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Tickets to Antelope Canyon
Get Tickets to Antelope Canyon

If you want to get into Antelope Canyon, you will need to get tickets to Antelope Canyon to enter. You are probably wondering how to get tickets to Antelope Canyon. It is pretty simple to get tickets once you know what you are doing. You can easily get your tickets online and show them when…

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Ultimate Arizona Hike Guide
The Ultimate Arizona Hike Guide

If there is one thing to do in Arizona, it is to do an Arizona hike. The State of Arizona has a variety of different hikes to go on. You can go on hikes that have waterfalls, cacti, beautiful land formations, and wildlife. If you have ever wanted to go hiking, you have come to…

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Slot Canyons in Arizona
Slot Canyons in Arizona

If there is one thing that we at Dixie Ellis love about Arizona, it is all of the slot canyons. There are many different slot canyons that you can explore during your time in Arizona. A slot canyon is different from a regular canyon or hiking trail. Slot canyons are usually taller than they are…

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