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An Antelope Canyon Hike is Necessary For Your Next Trip

Have you been on an Antelope Canyon Hike?

What are some facts about hiking?

We know that hiking is a great exercise and wonderful activity for all age groups. Hiking can burn between 440 and 550 calories per hour. Besides the upside to your health and how fun it can be it is an experience to take in. It allows for all to come together and enjoy time with others. The social aspect of hiking is such a crucial part of what hiking is all about. Hiking brings others together in a way like no else. While on hikes people are constantly encouraging if it is a difficult hike and greeting each other along the way. We need to be closer to nature and hiking is a great outlet for that. 

What do you need before your hike?

There are some quick and simple things to bring on a short hike. The first item is shoes. You want to wear comfortable shoes that have good traction. This allows for an enjoyable experience for all. The next item is water. You do not need to bring a ton on short hikes, but one or two water bottles is great. When you know the length of your trip, then you can determine the amount of water to take. The next would be the items for sun protection. It is nice to have hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. You want to protect yourself from being hurt by the sun. We know Arizona gets hot and want you to be safe. Some snacks are always nice to have on any type of hike. You can find a list of items on koa. Lastly, bringing a backpack/bag to carry everything in is essential.

The bonus item to consider for your hike is a fully charged phone. It is to get back to safety if you get lost. It is to take great pictures of your trip. Lastly, allows you to see what time it is. In addition, you can bring post hiking clothes after a short/long day. These are some quick and easy things to have figured out before you go on a hike. 

Where to hike in Arizona? 

Before you go on a hike you need to know where to go. There are tons of hikes available in Arizona that are awesome. We recommend doing an Antelope Canyon Hike. It is not only that we provide an awesome tour, but it is a special, unique, captivating, hike. We have a great staff that takes care of our hikers. Having the guide makes it a great experience to find the spots to take the pictures. We make sure to have a great experience for all who join us on the hike. We being able to open the eyes of so many to the beauty of the Antelope Canyon Hike. 

Book your stay with us now!

We would love to be able to have anyone who is thinking about where to go consider coming to Arizona. It is a beauty that makes the travel and heat worth it. For more questions, reach out to us.


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