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Hiking in Antelope Canyon

Can you hike in and around Antelope Canyon? This is probably one of the most asked questions about Antelope Canyon. The answer honestly depends on what you mean by hiking to Antelope Canyon. You may want to hike in Antelope Canyon or even around the slot canyons. Everyone may have a different definition or even a different vision of what hiking into and around Antelope Canyon looks like.

Needless to say, there is a lot of hiking that can happen in, near, or by Antelope Canyon. Again, it is best to be safe while hiking. We do not want you to be injured or hurt. To get into Antelope Canyon you will need a tour guide. Finally, once you have a tour guide, you should be able to do some great hiking with some fantastic views. While the hiking is not the most intense, it is worthwhile to get up and see the light streaming throughout the slot canyons.

In this article we explore all the different hiking options that are available to you during your vacation at Antelope Canyon:


Can You Hike to Antelope Canyon?

The short answer is we highly recommend against it. Antelope Canyon is not around a town or stores. This means it is best to come by car. The roads are not for hikers and pedestrians. During the summer months, it can get extremely hot. There is little to no shade on the roads to the canyon mouth.

The road that leads to the mouth of the canyon is accessible by car. This can make it difficult for even the most experienced hiker. At Dixie Ellis, we want you to have a great time at Antelope Canyon. That is why hiking from where you are staying to the slot canyon is something we do not recommend. You may think that you are being a smart traveler by beating the crowds of cars for parking. Hiking in is not a good idea because the roads are not made for hikers.


What About Hiking into Antelope Canyon

If you want to hike into Antelope Canyon, you will need a tour guide. Hiking is for both the lower and upper canyons. You cannot just walk up to the mouth of Antelope Canyon and hike in. The canyon is located on Navajo land. They require a certified tour guide for entrance into both canyons.

You want to book and reserve a tour guide in advance. You cannot just walk up to the mouth of the canyon and get a tour guide. Be sure to book this in advance as tour groups fill up fast, especially in the spring and summer months.

After you get a tour guide, you are free to go into the canyons and hike around with your tour guide. The hike is fairly easy and not super difficult. Lower Antelope Canyon is a little more rigorous, there are stairs to climb.


Lower and Upper Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon features two canyons that are separate and not connected. This means that you cannot start at one canyon and hike into the other canyon. Since they are separate, most tour groups only cover the upper or lower canyon, not both.

The most popular slot canyon to visit is the Upper Antelope Canyon. This is most likely because the hike is fairly flat and easy for many people. Lower Antelope Canyon is the canyon we at Dixie Ellis specialize in. Both offer gorgeous light streaming in between the rock formations.


What About the Stairs?

Lower Antelope Canyon features a series of several stairs. While these stairs are steep, some do have handrails you can hold on to. All of the stairs are made out of sturdy metal, making them safe to use.

We do not recommend the Lower Antelope Canyon if you have disabilities, are elderly, or are scared of heights. Upper Antelope Canyon may be a better option for you if you want something that does not include stairs.

You do not need to worry about the stairs. Thousands of people venture into the lower slot canyons each year. The stairs are sturdy to use and you can climb on them. They are safe for you to adventure into Lower Antelope Canyon.


How Do I Stay Safe While Hiking?

Being safe while hiking is another topic that we are passionate about. Adventure is something everyone should experience. We believe you can adventure without being hurt or injured. For exploring both canyons, we recommend wearing good, sturdy hiking shoes. In other words, it is extremely dusty, so white-colored clothing or shoes should stay at home.

However, we also recommend bringing plenty of water to stay cool. You need to be prepared since the canyons are not near any amenities or stores. Bring a cooler, have some extra water bottles in your trunk for before and after the hike. In addition, you should bring water with you to the canyons so you can drink water during the hike.

Be aware of your surroundings and other hikers. It is extremely easy to be in awe of the light and the formation of the slot canyon. That is why you came! Be alert that other people are there as well and want to see canyons as well. If you are willing to watch your step you should avoid running into other hikers. Not running and keeping your head up will keep you safe as well.

We hope that this article answered most, if not all, of your questions about hiking in Antelope Canyon. Avoid the hike to Antelope Canyon. We recommend the hike inside Antelope Canyon. Do not be too disappointed that you cannot hike to the canyon. There is so much to explore at the slot canyons and in the Southwest in general.

The real question is are you ready to book a tour with us at Dixie Ellis? If you are or have any other questions about our services, give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to adventuring with you.

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