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The Best Things To Do in Arizona

We wanted to take some time to explore the absolute best things to do in Arizona. When you think of Arizona you may think of super hot weather and the desert. While Arizona does get hot and is a desert, it has so much more to offer travelers. So, let’s dive into some of the astounding things that Arizona has to offer: 

Water Activities

If you are a fan of anything water-related, you can find it here in Arizona. While Arizona is a desert, there are areas with plenty of water that you can play in and explore. There are rivers and also many lake parks that you can enjoy. 

You can make your trip as easy-going or as adventurous as you want. There are white water rafting tours that offer some serious fun. You can also go to a state park and catch some sun rays as you wade in the water. 


One of the best things to do in Arizona is to take a hike. There are a lot of natural and beautiful rock formations. There are some great slot canyons and narrows waiting for you to come to explore. 

Our favorite canyon is Lower Antelope Canyon. It is one of the most popular canyons to visit because of the colorful rock. When the light streams down into the canyon, it feels like you have entered another world. Be sure to book a tour because you cannot enter the canyon without a tour guide.


If you need a little bit of air conditioning after being outside and hiking, go to a museum. It’s is a great way to cool off and sit down. If you are traveling with little ones, there are some great museums geared towards kids, allowing them to run around and have some fun.

There are a variety of interesting types of museums to visit too. If you are into art, there are some great art museums in that area. There are also science and space museums for those more scientifically minded people. 


Another best thing to do in Arizona is to try some local food. Even if you do not consider yourself a foodie you still have to eat right? Try some local food in the area. Visit a small, locally-owned restaurant on your trip. 

There is some great Native American food to try. If you love tacos this is your chance to get some authentic tacos without traveling out of the country. The best thing about this type of local fare is that it will not break the bank. Street tacos are usually inexpensive and filling.

Nature and Wildlife

A desert is a place that is crawling with wildlife. It also has some wonderful plants that do not grow in colder climates. You may not see a lot of nature or wildlife when you are out hiking on a hot day. If you are in the right area you may be able to see some scaly friends slithering around. 

A great way to ensure that you see all of the botanicals and plants that you want to see is to go to a botanical museum. This can make a lovely afternoon or morning trip for any plant lover. Going to a zoo is also a great way to see some exotic animals on your vacation.


You better believe that when the sun sets in the desert the nightlife comes out. The nightlife is pretty great and a perfect way to end any day of hiking or adventuring. If you are staying in a smaller town you can venture out to the local bar and see some locals. 

You might be staying near a major city that has a variety of nightlife. There are pub crawls where you can visit a variety of bars in a night with new people. The scene is worth the drive but remember to get a hotel for the night and get a ride home.


Arizona is located in the Southern part of the United States. It has a rich and vibrant culture intertwined with Latin America and Indigenous Americans. There are a variety of tribes in Arizona that include but are not limited to: the Navajo Nation, Havasupai, Hopi, and Pueblo Tribes. 

Depending on what city you visit in Arizona there will be different activities and museums for you to explore. This is definitely one of the best things to do in Arizona because you will not be able to experience this in other states.  

Hot Air Balloons

If there is one thing that Arizona is known for it is the hot air balloons. People from all over the world come to this festival every year. If you have ever received a postcard from someone in Arizona, it probably had some brightly colored hot air balloons. 

This festival gets crowded, so it is best to get your reservations booked far in advance. The festival takes place in January at the Goodyear Ballpark. There are other festivals that other cities will put on, but the big festival is the one at the Goodyear Ballpark.

Taste of Luxury

Just because Arizona is located in a desert, does not mean that it does not have luxurious things to experience. If you come during the winter months you can experience a nice, warm, relaxing vacation. 

You can take a helicopter over the Grand Canyon or other National Parks. Take a day to yourself and go visit a spa. Get a massage and experience some refreshing drinks. Go splurge on a shopping trip. Book a reservation for a fine dining experience in any downtown city in Arizona. Make your trip special and memorable. 

Arizona has a lot to offer for any traveler or family. It is a perfect spot if you want a warm spot to go to in the winter months. Have you started making your vacation plan to Arizona? Start making your plans by booking a tour with Lower Antelope Canyon Tours.



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