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Get Tickets to Antelope Canyon

If you want to get into Antelope Canyon, you will need to get tickets to Antelope Canyon to enter. You are probably wondering how to get tickets to Antelope Canyon. It is pretty simple to get tickets once you know what you are doing. You can easily get your tickets online and show them when you get to the entrance of the canyon. Keep reading below to make your ticket purchase as smooth as possible.  


Get Tickets to Antelope Canyon Early


Since you need a ticket to get into the canyon, the tickets available tend to go quickly. You may need to book a year in advance if you want to get a ticket or tickets during the summer months.

During the off-season months, late fall and winter, you may be able to get tickets easier but they can also fill up. Booking in advance ensures you get the time slot and date that you want.


Have a Plan


  You may want to get work off or know that you can get it off. Booking the tickets and then requesting time off may be easier than getting time off and not having tickets. It just depends on your work situation or how easy it is for you to get time off.

Have a way to get to the canyon as well. Driving is the easiest and one of the only ways to reach the canyon. You can fly in or also kayak in if you are feeling more adventurous.


Choose Your Tour Before Buying Tickets to Antelope Canyon


There are several different tour options available to you. These tours can include different sites besides Antelope Canyon, kayaking, helicopter rides, and hiking. All of these options are great for adventurers young and old.

Different tours are going to have different times and dates. This allows you to choose a tour that is going to fit best in your schedule. Keep up the search if you are not able to find a time at first. You may need to change the month or adjust the time if you are set on a specific tour.


Know Your Itinerary


You do not have to know all of the details of your trip. What you do want to have is a general idea of when you are doing your activities. Antelope Canyon takes several hours so you will need to schedule enough time for the drive, the hike, and the drive back. Knowing what day your tour is is important as well. You do not want to miss your tour because you thought it was on a different day.


Have Your Tickets to Antelope Canyon Ready


Once you have gotten your tickets and know when to go and how to get there you need to have your tickets ready. You do not want to get to the canyon and not have your tickets with you. The canyon is in a pretty rural place so it is going to take some time to go back to get your tickets. Have your tickets with you when you leave. If you have them on your phone, have them downloaded and pulled up before you leave.

Once you are in line pull them up and be ready. The canyon gets crowded and so do the lines. You do not want to get to the front of the line and hold it up. This will make your trip to the canyon a good one.

If you follow these steps you are sure to get tickets as easily as possible. Once you have your ticket you can go see this gorgeous canyon that is well worth the trip. Get tickets to antelope canyon today!