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The Ultimate Arizona Hike Guide

If there is one thing to do in Arizona, it is to do an Arizona hike. The State of Arizona has a variety of different hikes to go on. You can go on hikes that have waterfalls, cacti, beautiful land formations, and wildlife. If you have ever wanted to go hiking, you have come to the right place.

This state has a variety of National Parks and Monuments including the Grand Canyon, Saguaro National Park, and the Casa Grande Ruins. There are a lot of options to choose from, so take it slow. What are the things you cannot miss? Put those on the top of your list.

From there you can decide what you would like to see but would not mind missing. This way you get to see what you have to see and if you have time you can see the other things on your list. Keep in mind your vacation should be relaxing and exciting not exhausting.

While there are too many hikes to compile into one long list, we have chosen 5 of our favorite hikes. These hikes are sure to wow and be the highlight of any trip.

1. The Grand Canyon

This place is the place to go. We listed it as number one because it is one of the natural seven wonders of the world. The Grand Canyon is a huge place with a lot of different hiking trails. It is the perfect place for serious hikers and families alike. The canyon has two rims, the north, and south rim. Know which rim you are headed towards for hiking and plan where you stay based on the rim you choose.

You can climb rim to rim if you are feeling adventurous. This usually is a multi-day trip that requires you to camp inside the canyon. There have been multiple reports of electrolyte and water imbalances that cause health problems.

This means that you need to not only bring water to stay hydrated but you also need electrolytes. You will need to prepare yourself for this hike. Many people spend several months or even years training and preparing for this hike.

If you are not planning on a multi-day trip, you can do a variety of hikes. You can hike down into the canyon as far as you want and turn back around. There are also some smaller, more flat trails that are easily accessible from different visitors’ offices and plaques.

2. Paria Canyon

This canyon spreads across two states: Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. This canyon has a lot of acreages; we are talking around 110,000 acres of the canyon. That is a lot of canyons to explore and it has a lot to offer both hikers and backpackers alike. There is a variety of arches, slot canyons, layers of rocks colors, and wildlife.

It does cost money to get into the canyon and trailheads. You can find more specific information about permits and regulations on the official website of Paria Canyon. They have made it easy for hikers and backpackers to get their permits, do not let it scare you off from visiting this gorgeous canyon. Wire Pass Trail is a great place to start because it is a shorter hike. The Whitehouse Trail is a longer trail that is a multi-day backpacking trip.

3. Antelope Canyon

Since Dixie Ellis focuses on Lower Antelope Canyon tours, we can easily say this is our favorite Arizona hike. The canyon has two trails, the Upper Canyon and Lower Canyon. This slot canyon is one of the most popular so it gets crowded. An official tour guide is needed to get into the canyon. Get one here.

The Upper Canyon trail is the more popular trail because it is fairly flat and about 1 mile long there and back. It also features a river that you can see from the trail. The Lower Canyon trail is less popular which means it is less crowded. There are ladders that you have to climb when going into and out of the canyon.

4. Sedona Arizona Hike

Devil’s Bridge Trail is one of the most popular Arizona hike trails in the Sedona area and for good reason. This trail is listed as a moderate trail even though it is flat most of the way. The end of the trail becomes steep very quickly which is why it is listed as moderate. After it gets steep you will come up and see a fabulous view of the bridge. Since this is a tourist destination it can get packed. This means you will be waiting if you want to take a photo in front of the bridge. Getting up early is the easiest way to beat the crowds.

Another one of our favorite trails in Sedona is the Airport Loop Trail. It is also considered a moderate trail because it is a little rocky. This is a wonderful escape from a hike even though it starts in the city. It is 3.2 miles long. Even though it says it is a loop, the trail starts and ends in different places.

5. Saguaro National Park

When you head to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, there will be several hiking options for you. You can decide whether you want to go into the museum or not but it is a nice, cool space if you need a break from the outside.

From the museum, the closest trail is going to be the Desert Loop Trail. There is also the Cougar Trail which is a little farther away. You also have the Gould Mine Trailhead and the King Canyon Trailhead that are close to each other.

You can spend a lifetime trying to hike all of the trails in Arizona. There are many natural wonders that are worth the trip. If you cannot make it to all of the trails in one trip do not be afraid to come back. Coming back several times allows you to actually enjoy your trip. You do not want to be stressed or rushed with your vacation.


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