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What Antelope Canyon Means to the Navajo People

Antelope Canyon, one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, and located within the Navajo Nation, is one of the most photographed landmarks in the world.

The Navajo people have a deep spiritual connection to Antelope Canyon, which they refer to as “Tse bighanilini,” or “the place where the water runs through rocks.” According to Navajo beliefs, the canyon is a spiritual site that is home to the wildlife spirits of their ancestors.

What does Navajo tradition say about the canyon’s creation?

Navajo antelope canyonNavajo tradition holds that the canyon was formed by the actions of the Holy People, who created the unique rock formations, the narrow passageways, and the light beams that filter through the canyon. The Navajo believe that Antelope Canyon was created as a way of connecting with nature and the spirit world.

They believe that the canyon is a place where the spirit world and the physical world intersect, and where the balance of natural forces can be felt. This connection with nature is an important part of a balanced and harmonious life.

The spiritual significance of Antelope Canyon

The Navajo people also believe that the canyon is a place of great power, and that it is necessary to approach it with respect and humility.

Stories and traditions about Antelope Canyon passed down throughout history

The beauty of Antelope Canyon has been celebrated by the Navajo people for centuries through art, music and stories. These stories help keep alive the spiritual connection between the canyon and its people.

They believe that Antelope Canyon is a reflection of the beauty of the divine.

Before any Navajo enters the canyon, they must pause at the entrance to collect themselves and prepare their mind and spirit – so they may only enter with a sound, respectful frame of mind.

Be respectful when visiting sacred sites

Antelope Canyon serves as a reminder of how deeply connected we all are to nature and our environment – something that should never be forgotten or taken for granted.

Navajo antelope canyon tours

Of course, outside visitors are always welcome at Antelope Canyon. At Dixie’s, our Navajo guides enjoy telling stories of the slot canyon that have been continuously passed down. We simply ask that our guests respect the cultural, historical and spiritual significance of Antelope Canyon to the Dine’.

Do not leave trash, take rocks or other artifacts found on the canyon floor, and be respectful to the canyon and each other. If you choose to do so, prepare your mind and spirit before entering Antelope Canyon, and you too may feel its energy, and power.