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Best Valentine’s idea in Arizona

Are you looking for the best Valentine’s idea in Arizona? You have come to the right place. Arizona is a beautiful desert area that has a lot to offer in terms of adventure and romance.

Your day can be traditional with a play or movie and dinner. It can also be a little different and something to remember. Maybe before you go get dinner you go on a breath-taking hike or go water rafting. Make it Valentine’s day to remember.


Antelope Canyon

The best Valentine’s idea in Arizona is everywhere. But at Lower Antelope Canyon, we love all things about Antelope Canyon. This canyon has gorgeous colors that are illuminated by the golden sun rays that come into the slot canyon.

The great thing about Valentine’s day is that it is considered the off-season because it is in winter. This means that it will not be as crowded as it is during the high season of early spring, summer, and early fall. That means you get to spend some time in an intimate setting without a lot of people around you.

Be sure to book your tour in advance. You can’t get into the canyon without one. Once you have your time booked you can look forward to a great hike with a fabulous tour guide.


A Hot Air Balloon Ride

This is an item that is on a lot of people’s bucket lists. And for a good reason. Riding in a hot air balloon is truly a breathtaking, once-in-a-lifetime experience. From the Grand Canyon to Tucson, Arizona, there are a variety of hot air balloon companies that offer private tours.

Most hot air balloon rides take about 3 to 4 hours. Make sure that you block out a good amount of time for this activity. Book in advance and follow all of the instructions so you can have a safe and fun date.


Discover a New Dive

Everybody loves food. And if they don’t, they just haven’t found the right kind of food for them. You can try some authentic Navajo food for something new and exciting. There are a bunch of great food joints that are perfect for Valentine’s day. Be sure to make a reservation in advance.


Rafting Anyone?

Ready to make Valentine’s day a little bit exciting? Rafting is a great way to spend some time out in nature along with some adrenaline. There are plenty of tour groups to choose from so you can choose where you want to raft.

Choose a place that you are both comfortable with. There are beginner routes and tours that are perfect if it is your first time. If you are more experienced with rafting, there are white water options that are sure to give you a thrill.


A Scenic View

Here us out, there are all kinds of hikes around Arizona. We are talking about easy hikes that are flat, level, and about one mile long. There is South Mountain Park, Red Mountain Trailhead, and Deadman’s Pass Trail.

If you want something harder, you also have options. There is Echo Canyon, Finger Rock, and Wilderness of Rocks. These harder trails have the potential to be dangerous. Do some research before you take your partner out to hike. Grab a water bottle, some sunscreen, and have fun. There is a reason this is one of the best Valentine’s ideas in Arizona.


A Bit of Culture with a Museum

Going to a museum can be romantic. You get to spend time looking at cool artifacts while spending time with a loved one. This can be great if you want to learn about something new or either of you is a museum-goers.

Arizona has the typical museums, the Phoenix Art Museum, the Arizona Capitol Museum, and the Pueblo Grande Museum. Some unusual museums are worth checking out as well. Arizona has a mini-museum that is full of miniature collections. There are also museums dedicated to automobiles, pharmacy, copper art, and rock art.

Concerts for Everyone

There are a variety of concerts for everyone in Arizona. You have rock concerts, goth concerts, and classical concerts. This is a great way to spend an evening together as a couple. Because not every concert in February will land on Valentine’s day, you can plan around it. A great way to surprise your date is to give them tickets to their favorite show.

You also do not have to go out on Valentine’s day. You can celebrate the week before or the week after. Whenever your concert is, be sure to make a day of it. This is a great way to spend quality time with the one you love while having a good time.


Play with Animals

If your partner is a pet lover, you have options when it comes to date ideas. There are typical options such as the Phoenix Zoo or Wildlife World. These are wonderful options that allow you to make a day out of your date.

But your partner may be more of a hands-on person and want to interact with animals. This is perfect because Arizona has a lot of horse riding options. You can learn how to ride a horse and take it out on a trail.

There are also petting zoos that feature exotic animals. This lets you be a little more up and personal with all of the animals. Some of the companies have mobile options. So if you feel like doing something unique, you could rent animals out and have them all to yourself.

Arizona has a variety of different options for amazing Valentine’s day dates. You have a lot of options, so take a deep breath and relax. Because of this, there are plenty of great options that all make a great day and date. Keep your partner in mind and what they like and dislike. This allows you to create the perfect day for them and yourself.

If you have any questions about the best Valentine’s idea in Arizona or Antelope Canyon, give us a call. If you do not like talking on a phone, we are available online. Let us answer any questions you have. Our staff would love to help you plan your trip and your Valentine’s day adventure.

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