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The Best Antelope Canyon Tour

If you are choosing a tour for Antelope Canyon, you do not want just any tour. There are a lot of different tour companies you can choose from. Not all of these tour companies offer the same experience, even though they go to the same canyon.

You want to see Antelope Canyon and all that it has to offer. Since you need to have a tour guide to get into the canyon, you want a great tour guide. Someone knowledgeable and excited about the canyon. That is where Lower Antelope Canyon comes in.


Some tours may not be the most personable. At Dixie Lower Antelope Canyon we strive to make our tours as personable and engaging as possible. This includes amazing staff that is hand-picked.

We do not let anyone lead tours at Lower Antelope Canyon. Our whole staff is committed to making sure your time here in Arizona is great. That means everyone from our office to our tour guides is here to answer all of your questions.

Since we want to make sure you have a good time, make sure to reach out to us. We are not just here to give you the best Antelope Canyon tour. Your whole trip should be fun and relaxing. Give us a call or stop by our office if you have any questions about your trip. We can offer some insider tips and tricks about the best spots to stay and get food.


While we want you to have an amazing, adventurous time, we want you to be safe. There is nothing worse than getting injured or visiting the emergency room on a trip. We have different papers that you will sign before you go into the canyon. This is for legal reasons but also allows you to know what to expect in the canyon.

Overall the canyon is a fairly safe hike. The Lower Canyon does have some stairs and ladders that we will climb up and down. All of the structures are sound and safe to get on. We do ask that if you are in serious pain or have chronic conditions to make sure that you can move around. If you are not, you may consider going to the Upper Canyon where there are no stairs or ladders.

We also are making sure at this time we are being Covid conscious. We make all of our patrons wear masks. We appreciate you helping us through this difficult time.


After making sure everyone is aware of the safety factors, it is time to have some serious fun. Antelope Canyon is a canyon that people come from all over the world to see. With a Lower Antelope Canyon tour guide, you will be able to explore and learn about this amazing canyon.

This fusion of fun and learning is what makes our tour the best Antelope Canyon tour. You can look back on your time at the canyon and remember that you learned something new. Take the time to ask questions and get ready to meet new people in your tour group.


Just because we want to have a good time does not mean that we are not professional. You can be assured that our staff is professional and responsible. We offer tours in different languages and offer reasonable accommodations. Our staff is ready to give you the correct information about the canyon.

We pride ourselves in taking ownership of keeping the canyon safe and clean for other visitors. That way we can keep coming back to the canyon and let others see it as well.


Some tours can be extremely pricey. We want to give you the best price possible for the best tour. We include the whole price in the tour cost. Some companies will have a base tour rate and then you have to pay for entrance fees and costs. This is not the case with Lower Antelope Canyon. The entrance fee is included when you book your tour with us.

We do this to make your life a little less stressful. Everyone should be able to find our office, check-in, and not worry about being able to get into the canyon. You will also relax because we offer a 100% refund if the tour does not happen for any reason.


We have been operating since 2014. This gives us 8 years of giving tours to Lower Antelope Canyon. That is a lot of tours. Because of this, we know what works and what does not work. Our staff is committed to making sure we stay up-to-date so your trip runs smoothly from check-in to departure.

Our founder, Dixie Ellis, was passionate about the culture of the Southwest. We have made this a part of our company by making sure our tour guides have that same passion. Everyone loves a good story and we are more than willing to share stories about the Navajo people and Antelope Canyon.

More Than A Tour 

We have a motto here at Lower Antelope Canyon, “it’s not just a tour, but an adventure!” This means that we want to give you more than a tour. You should have a great adventure when you visit Antelope Canyon.

You should walk away from Antelope Canyon with a greater appreciation for it. This means knowing about the area and the people who have lived in the area. It could also be learning about the canyon and how the weather has impacted it.

Lower Antelope Canyon is a great site that is worth planning. Make sure your phone is charged and ready to take some Instagram-worthy pictures. We hope that you have a great, safe time while learning something new about the surrounding area.

Let Lower Antelope Canyon Tours show you around. Take us up on being the best Antelope Canyon Tour there is. Book a tour with us today and come to the Southwest. Our amazing staff is happy to answer any questions that you have about our tours. We have love to answer a common question like where you will want to stay. We would love to help you out in any and all capacities.

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