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Is Antelope Canyon a National Park?

It is a question we get asked a lot: is Antelope Canyon a National Park? Unfortunately, Antelope Canyon is not part of the National Parks System. It does belong to the Navajo Nation Parks. In fact, all attractions that are on Navajo Nation land fall under the category of the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation.
While National Parks are great places to visit, other parks that are not National Parks can be every bit as wonderful.
Here are some interesting facts that you should know about Antelope Canyon and National Parks:

A Brief History of National Parks

The National Parks Service that we all know and love started in 1916. But what some people do not know is that there were attempts to get a national system for parks set up as early as 1872. This government service has been around for over 100 years. It helps protect land and public places so that many generations can use and enjoy these places.
As of right now, there are 63 National Parks. These parks are operated and maintained by the government and their employees. The National Parks Service falls under the Department of the Interior of the United States of America.
Arizona has three National Parks. They include the Grand Canyon National Park, The Petrified Forest National Park, and the Saguaro National Park. Since Antelope Canyon is in Northern Arizona, it is also close to Zion National Park which is inside the Utah border.

The Fascination of National Parks

National Parks are a favorite among travelers both young and old. These parks are the magnificent images you’ve seen in books and on the internet. They are gorgeous wonders of nature that are breathtaking. They should be preserved and cherished. Many people have them on their travel lists and are planning on seeing these landscapes. There are even maps where you can keep track of the number of National Parks you have been to.
We love that people are excited to get outdoors and see the world around them. National Parks are a great way to preserve nature and wildlife. At Antelope Canyon, we are glad to be surrounded by several National Parks that are close by. These parks are important because they have such a rich heritage and history.
For the National Parks in Arizona and Utah, there are some great rivers that you can explore. If you have never tried white water rafting, you can try it out in order to see some amazing sites.

So Is Antelope Canyon a National Park?

No, Antelope Canyon is not part of the National Parks. This is because it is part of the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation. Because it is not a National Park does not mean you should not go and visit it. It is important to allow Tribes to govern their own land which is why Antelope Canyon is cared for by the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation. There are many canyons, parks, and slot canyons that are well worth your time that are in the Navajo Nation. Antelope Canyon has around 4 million visitors a year. That is a lot of people that come through this beautiful slot canyon every year.
Antelope Canyon is a favorite among many to visit and explore. People come to Arizona specifically to see Antelope Canyon. Other visitors come to Antelope Canyon while passing through to other sites throughout Arizona.
There are many reasons to see Antelope Canyon. We want to show you through this beautiful slot canyon no matter what called you here. You need a tour guide to get in, so why not choose an expert? We have made online booking easy, just go here to select your date and time.

Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation

This agency is here to protect and help all the sites found on the Navajo Reservation. The Navajo Nation Tribal Council founded the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation in 1957 to not only protect the parks but to prevent infringement from the US Government. Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation service covers 4 states within the West. This includes Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico.
Since there is so much land that they cover, there are more than canyons to visit on Navajo Nation land. They take care of several tribal parks and offer guided tours into canyons. They have officially opened up and are operating in the “Orange Phase”. The NDOH and CDC guidelines apply at all sites.

Worth the Visit

Now you can impress all your friends and family by telling them that Antelope Canyon is part of the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation. Not the National Parks Service. When you tell them, remember that it is important to know who maintains and takes care of this iconic slot canyon.
Many people come to the slot canyon to see the sunlight stream down into the brightly colored slot canyon. They leave with great photos and fantastic memories of this canyon. They leave knowing that this land will keep a special place in our hearts.

National Parks Nearby

The closest National Park to Antelope Canyon is going to be the Grand Canyon. Depending on which rim you want to visit, it can be anywhere from a 1-hour drive to a 3-hour drive. The next is Zion National Park. It is located in Southern Utah and is about a 2-hour drive. Both of these parks are close enough that you’ll want to come to Antelope Canyon while you’re near.
There are other National Parks that are in the general area but a longer drive. Bryce Canyon is the third closest with almost a 3-hour drive. This canyon is also in Southern Utah. The next National Park is about a 3.5-hour drive for the Petrified Forest National Park. These might seem far but it is possible for you to visit several Navajo Nation sites and National Parks in a few days. However, you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time at every park.
If you have the time during your trip, you should definitely try and go to both a National Park and a Navajo Nation Park. This is because both places are well worth your time and effort to get there. The Navajo Nation Parks truly are a photographer’s paradise.
Keep in mind that bookings for tours of any Navajo Nation attraction tend to fill up fast, especially during the summer months. Go here to book your trip to Lower Antelope Canyon today. Have a great trip and remember to stay safe while adventuring.

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