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Antelope Canyon leaves Big Impact on Quannah Chasinghorse

When someone from an indigenous culture finds fame, it can help the First Nation people as a whole. This is very true when it comes to Quannah Chasinghorse. While she has found mainstream success in the world of fashion and modeling, she hasn’t forgotten her roots. Her success, as well as her activism, has propelled her into the good graces of Hollywood. However, her ability to remember where she started has made her a hero to the indigenous communities as well.

How Did Quannah Chasinghorse Find Her Fame

Early on Chasinghorse knew that she wanted to make an impact. Setting her sites on modeling, she understood that it would be a struggle. She did not have many First Nations examples to follow. This did not slow Chasinghorse down but only fed her ambitions. Still a child, she started traveling everywhere from Washington DC to Colorado. She knew that someone needed to fight so future generations would not have to. Lobbying against hazardous oil leasing and attending rallies for indigenous rights, Chasinghorse gained popularity. When featured in a Calvin Klein youth campaign, her modeling career exploded. Because of her distinct features, traditional tattoos, and strong convictions, Quannah found herself with many new followers on social media. She harnessed this new fame to land new contracts and further her activism.

How Quannah Chasinghorse is Helping Break Stereotypes

Thankfully, culture in mainstream media is becoming more common. Chasinghorse has been smashing stereotypes by appearing in fashions inspired by indigenous tradition. Spotted next to the Hollywood A-listers, she’s been leaving her mark on them all. Many have admitted to have never met someone who is either Hän Gwich’in or Oglala Lakota before. Not one to miss an opportunity, Chasinghorse is quick to share her culture. There’s wisdom in the way she talks of her homeland. These glimpses into her reality have made Chasinghorse even more relatable and beloved.

Quannah’s New Found Responsibility

Chasinghorse is no stranger to being a leader. At only 17 she sat on the International Gwich’in Youth Council. Even so, she has admitted that at times this newfound responsibility can be very difficult. With so many new people looking to her, it’s understandable why this may all be overwhelming. Yet, she has always shown her beliefs with her actions as well as her words. In the short time that Chasinghorse has been in the limelight, she has opened doors that once were not available. The lack of indigenous representation had almost discouraged Quannah when she was young. Because of that, she’s proud to be the role model she didn’t have on television or in magazines.

Quannah’s Visit to Antelope Canyon

Recently, Quannah Chasinghorse visited family in the Lake Powell area with fellow indigenous actor, D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai. While in the area, Chasinghorse and Woon-A-Tai visited Antelope Canyon. It was quite a monumental experience for us. As a tour company, we were grateful to be able to coordinate with these public figures. We wanted to be able to showcase the beauty Lower Antelope Canyon has to offer. Although neither of them is Navajo, they showed reverence and respect for the sacred place Antelope Canyon is. With her trip to the Lower Canyon, she left a mark on us that will last for many years.

Antelope Canyon is an amazing place to visit. With celebrities like Chasinghorse making this a destination, it is putting us on the map. Paige, Arizona is no longer just a sleepy small town. It is becoming a hub for adventurers who want to wander through breathtaking sights. Chasinghorse is not only showing indigenous people how beautiful a place like Antelope Canyon can be, she is showing the world. With her worldwide platform, there could be more travelers coming to this amazing destination than ever before. If you would like to see Antelope Canyon for yourself, give us a call today. We want to take you on a tour worthy of the stars and the adventure of a lifetime.