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Get To Know More About Our Amazing Tour Guides At Antelope Canyon

We pride ourselves on the amazing quality of the tour guides at Antelope Canyon that we have on our team. We strive to employ the best tour guides who have a passion for not only the land but giving great tours to our guests. Let’s go ahead and learn a bit more about our amazing tour guides.

NAIC (National Association of Interpretation Certified)

When we provide tours for our customers, we want it to be an all-inclusive experience. Our guides have gone through extensive training to provide this. They have even worked hard to become certified with the National Association for Interpretation. This certification shows that we’re equipped to give great tours whether you have a hearing impairment or not.

The Traveler’s Choice award

TripAdvisor is one of the top publications out there. Because TripAdvisor is well respected, it has become popular amongst travelers. To keep that stature, TripAdvisor must stay informed and honest. The Traveler’s Choice Award is only awarded to the very elite few. Despite the setbacks of Covid-19, we have continued to earn this prestigious award. By striving for greatness, we have continued holding this award every year since 2017.

AIANTA Excellence in Customer Service award

The American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association is better known as AIANTA. It is the only organization that exists solely to support the tourism of indigenous land. Yearly, there is an award known as the Excellence in Tourism Industry Awards. This honor is something we remain grateful for. This recognition of our tireless efforts is something we strive for every year.

Customer satisfaction is at the top of our priority list

People visit Lower Antelope Canyon to take in what nature has to offer. We want everyone to be as awestruck as we are with the journey. Immersion in nature is almost impossible if you’re not enjoying the tour itself. Because nature can be unpredictable, your experience could quickly change. For this reason, the tour guides at Antelope Canyon ask questions throughout the tour. By checking in before, during, and after your tour we are able to keep you comfortable and safe. This has allowed us to spend years learning what our customers like. Using this information we create tours unlike any other company.

We strive to have some of the best tour guides in the industry

Please, if you have any concerns about either an upcoming tour or one you have already gone on, tell us. We meet regularly with our entire staff. These frequent meetings allow clear communication with our tour guides in Antelope Canyon. By sharing information amongst everyone, we find that it is easier to have a cohesive team. Working with your tour guide is a great way to ensure a successful trip.
As you can see, if you are looking for a great experience, look no further. Our amazing tour guides in Antelope Canyon will help you have the trip of a lifetime. Our love of Lower Antelope Canyon is something we want to spread. This is a sacred space and we’ll share why. Our professional tour guides won’t only tell you; they’ll show you. So, why wait? Give us a call today to schedule your own life-changing adventure in Antelope Canyon!