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Is Antelope Canyon Open to The Public

One of the most common questions that travelers ask is whether or not antelope Canyon is open to the public. Due to current Covid restrictions, Antelope Canyon was closed for the longest time in years. While antelope Canyon is open to the public, there are many things that you must understand before visiting our beautiful park. Here at the lower canyon, we will be able to help you understand all of the different ways you can respectfully enjoy this amazing park.


You must be respectful of the Navajo culture

It is important to understand that Antelope Canyon is a sacred place for the Navajo people. They believe that this canyon is where you go to pay respect to Mother Nature for all of the beauty she has given. To shout, shoot videos for Tik Tok, and joke around irreverently would be very disrespectful to this sacred place. Livestreaming from your phone is also something that is very taboo at this site. Try to think of your trip as going to a temple or a church. This will give you an idea of the holiness and reverence that this canyon holds. Respect will go a long way on your first or next trip to Antelope Lower Canyon.


Guided tours are the way to go

When you are considering visiting Antelope Canyon, you must be aware that you can’t just wander around without a tour guide. This is especially true for the lower canyon. With many staircases and ladders, you need to have a trained guide who will be able to help you navigate this canyon safely. Our tour guides will be able to help you have a safe and fun trip through the Lower Canyon. Without the proper tour guides to help you on your way, you could get lost or injured. Our professional tour guides will give you an experience free from worry.


Is Antelope Canyon Open to The Public even with COVID restrictions

Although Antelope Canyon is open to the public, the Navajo nation has put some restrictions in place. If you are visiting this canyon, you must wear a mask. This is a rule that has been implemented by the Navajo Nation. All your tour will also only be booked with 30% to 40% capacity. This will be able to give you a more personal feel on your tour. You will want to give other travelers their space as this complies with COVID regulations while also showing general respect for the Navajo people and their sacred place. Hand sanitizers and other safety precautions are a great idea when you are visiting Antelope Canyon. Maintain your distance from others and keep your hands clean. This will help you stay safe on your trip to the lower canyon.


Make sure you find accommodations that will work for you

Another thing that you must take into account when visiting Antelope Canyon is where you will be staying. Local restrictions in Page are relatively lax but you need to make sure you book your accommodations in advance due to some hotels only booking up to 50% capacity. As long as you are booking your stay well in advance, you should have no trouble finding a place to stay. There are many travel sites online that will give you a great look into what hotels or campsites are available. There are many times even virtual tours of these accommodations available to you.


What time of the year is Antelope Canyon open to the public

The great thing about Antelope Canyon is that it is open year round. You will be able to see the beauty of this canyon even during the winter months. While snow is very rare, it is even more beautiful during the rare occurrence when you are able to see snow on the beautiful red rocks. If you are looking for a very warm trip, the summer months are going to be great for you. However, you may face more crowds during the summer. If you want a cooler and less crowd intensive trip, try visiting the lower canyon during the winter months.


Is Antelope Canyon open to the public and their pets

While many parks are pet friendly, Antelope Canyon is not one of those parks. Due to the sacred nature of these parks, we ask that you leave your pets at home. While we used to have a kennel service for pets, COVID regulations have forced us to discontinue this service. Even when it comes to service animals, we must honor our agreement with the Navajo people. No service animals, emotional or physical, will be allowed into the park. There are hotels however that are pet friendly. You could also arrange in advance to have a local pet sitter in Page help you with your four legged friends.


Proper planning is key to making a trip to Antelope Canyon work

Now that you know Antelope Canyon is open to the public, it is all about proper planning to make a trip work. Before you know it, you will find yourself well on your way to a fully planned trip. Whether you are flying in or driving in, it is important to chart your course. If you are driving in, there are many sights to see on the way. When you are planning your trip, make sure you book your lower canyon tour with us well in advance. This will give you the opportunity to pick the right time of the year you want to visit while still having tours available.

Understanding these things about Antelope Canyon will make your trip a much more enjoyable one. Now knowing that Antelope Canyon is open to the public, a new trip awaits. As long as you plan for a trip that keeps the regulations and wishes of the Najavo people in mind, you will have a beautiful trip that will give you memories to last a lifetime.