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Great Reasons To Visit Antelope Canyon

When planning a vacation, it’s all about the destination. While visiting the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced city may be fun for some travelers, a serene nature adventure may be the thing for you right now. Getting away from it all can be the reset that you have been looking for all along. If you are looking for a beautiful red rock experience, you should visit Antelope Canyon. We will give you some great reasons why this may be the perfect trip for you.


A visit to Antelope Canyon can be a great photo opportunity

With our phones, we can now take amazing pictures very easily. Whether you are trying to get some photos for your Instagram, are looking to share the experience with loved ones, or maybe want to have some cool photos to hang on your wall, Lower Antelope Canyon is going to give you countless photo opportunities. With the beautiful red rock, amazing staircases, and natural lighting, you will have many great spots to snap those photos.


Come experience the natural desert beauty

Beaches can be great, and skiing in the mountains can be fun, but there is nothing quite like the natural beauty of the desert. When you visit Antelope Canyon, you will be transported to a world that is almost like nothing you have experienced before. If you have never hiked through a slot canyon, the lower canyon is going to be an adventure you will never forget. With high ledges that you need staircases to climb and many fun twists and turns, you will be amazed when you visit Antelope Canyon.


The accommodations nearby are top notch

With choices between small inns, newer hotels, and Air BnBs, there isn’t a shortage of accommodations near Antelope canyon. You will be able to find a place close to the Navajo park without breaking the bank. However, if you are looking to sleep under the stars, there are camping options available to you as well. However, you want to spend your time at Antelope Canyon, you can rest assured that there will be the right accommodations waiting for you.


You will be able to beat the crowds while visiting the lower canyon

Disneyland, Universal Studios, and just about any other major theme park are packed to the max nowadays. It seems as though the whole world is just getting more and more crowded every year. However, there are ways to take trips where you won’t have to deal with thousands of other people at an attraction. The Lower Canyon at Antelope Canyon is a great place to beat the crowds while still having an amazing trip. We have worked hard to create tours and experiences that will give you a more relaxed and less crowded feel.


Antelope Canynon an experience that will bring people closer

Life can get busy; we understand. Between work and personal obligations, it can feel like you don’t have time for the people that matter. When you are visiting a place like Antelope Canyon, the rest of the world really just starts to float away. The lower canyon is a bit more adventurous of a hike than most. This can bring you closer to your friends or family by helping each other fully experience the thrills of this canyon. For couples who are looking for a bonding experience, a tour of the lower canyon has been known to be exhilarating as well as romantic.


Learn more about the rich history of the area

This is more than just a canyon for the Navajo Nation. For them, it is a sacred spot. In 1997 this park was named a protected park of the Navajo Nation. Many Navajo believe that entering the canyon is religious just as it is to enter a cathedral. The reverence and beauty of the canyon are something that you can still feel to this day. The Navajo people believe that this canyon is a direct gift from mother nature, and so they treat it as such. When you are on a guided tour of the canyon, your tour guide will be able to help you understand the history of this beautiful historic place.


If you need to fly in, there are airports close to the canyon

If road-tripping all the way to Antelope Canyon isn’t your idea of a fun trip, you can fly right in. Phoenix Sky Harbor airport is a great place for you to be able to fly into especially if you are coming from overseas. Less than 300 miles away from the canyon, you can rent your own car or get a taxi service to drive you to Page. However, there are also flights from Phoenix International to Page daily. This is also true if you are flying out of Las Vegas. You will be able to fly right into Page Municipal Airport.


A nature based trip can really recenter you

With the fast-paced world we live in, there is almost more stress than ever before. We are so plugged into our phones and our work that it can be difficult to getaway. This is why a nature-based trip might just be the perfect vacation for you. Traveling to a smaller town and leaving your phone in the hotel room could be a great way for you to let the stress of social media and work melt away. Antelope Canyon is a place where you can relax and understand what peace truly is.

Antelope Canyon is an amazing travel destination for many reasons. When you are feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, this could be an amazing retreat for you. Whether you are solo traveling or bringing your loved ones along, the tours of the lower canyon will be an experience to remember for years to come. Without breaking the bank you will be able to have a trip to a beautiful historic location that will fuel you are regenerate you. While observing the natural beauty and history of this slot canyon, you may even learn something new about yourself.


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