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Phoenix to Antelope Canyon

Phoenix to Antelope Canyon is the perfect road trip for anyone wanting some desert charm. If you are looking to warm up a little and soak up some sun, we have got you covered.

Ready to discover the hidden wonders of Arizona? Let us jump right into why this trip is the trip of a lifetime.


Phoenix to Antelope Canyon is a wonderful trip. What makes it so great is that it is a flexible journey that can be as quick or as long as you want to make it. You can easily fly into Phoenix and work your way up to Antelope Canyon. On the way back, you can drive straight to the airport or make stops along the way.

While there is a lot of flexibility with this trip, we are going to give you the best recommendations. Because of this, you will be able to choose what you want and do not want for your trip.

Choose Your Adventure

First off you will want to plan how your trip is going to go. You can start in either Phoenix or Antelope Canyon. Phoenix has an airport which makes flying into Arizona an option. If you are close to Northern Arizona, you may want to start at Antelope Canyon and work your way down. This gives you the option to fly out of Phoenix if you want to.

Whatever you decide on, you are going to need a car. There are several car rental places at the Phoenix Airport. Other car rental places are around and local. It is best to reserve a car in advance so you are not stuck without a car. Once you get a car you can start your road trip journey.

Where To Stay

If you are spending your stay in different areas you are going to need different stops to stay. While the trip from Phoenix to Antelope Canyon is about a 4.5-hour drive, it can be nice to stop and rest your eyes.

There are a lot of different, unique places to stay between Phoenix and Antelope Canyon. There are your regular hotels and motels along the way. You can also find nice, luxurious places if you want something a little more special.

But maybe you want something special. Something you are not going to get at home. Luckily some places offer tent setups and yurts. These are great options if you want a night out under the stars.

What To Get

Whether you are a full-blown foodie or a foodie at heart, food is important for any trip. Everybody has to eat, so why not make it fun? Arizona is a perfect place to experience the flavors and tastes of the southwest. Every city is going to have local restaurants that are favorites. We recommend fry bread and Sonoran hot dogs if you want to try something local to Arizona.

You can also purchase souvenirs when you enter any Navajo nation site. This is a great way to support locals because the money goes straight to them and their tribe. You can get anything from handmade blankets to small trinkets, all perfect ways to remember your time in Arizona.


If you want a city that is filled with things to do, you have come to the right city. Phoenix is warm year-round, so you can get away during the winter months. This city is known for fine dining, luxury spas, and golf resorts. It is also filled with museums and venues for every art or nature lover out there.

Some of the top attractions are the Phoenix Art Museums, the Desert Botanical Garden, the Phoenix Zoo, and the Arizona Science Center. If you are more of an outdoor type person you can go to Papago Park, Camelback Mountain, and Hole in the Rock. We recommend a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities. That way you can cool off after you have been in the sun and outdoors.


We think that Flagstaff is the perfect stopping point because it is about halfway from Phoenix to Antelope Canyon. It is not too far off of the highway so you will not have to backtrack too far. They have a lot of different places to stay, which makes it a great place to get some shut-eye. There are more upscale hotels, bed and breakfasts, and motels.

You can make this a stop for the night or you can spend some time exploring this city. They have an observatory that is open to the public and have several major museums. You can see ancient pueblos at the Wupatki National Monument, one of the most popular attractions in Flagstaff.

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

Whether you decide to stop at Flagstaff or not, you should seriously look into stopping at Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument. About 900 years ago there was an eruption that caused lava formations to form. Today these formations still exist and you can hike and explore through them. The cost of entry is 25 dollars per car and the pass you get lasts for 7 days.

Antelope Canyon

This canyon is a major attraction and is known for its colorful slot canyons and gorgeous light beams. Unfortunately, you cannot camp or stay in Antelope Canyon. The good thing is that Page, Arizona is a great place to stay because it is near Antelope Canyon and other major attractions in the area.

Another thing about Antelope Canyon is that you will need a tour guide to go into the canyon. Lower Antelope Canyon Tours is a great option because we want to give you a great experience. The Lower Canyon is not as crowded, giving you a more intimate experience as you walk through the canyon.

If you ever need any help with planning your trip, reach out to us. Lower Antelope Canyon Tours loves everything about adventures. We want you to have the perfect trip during your time in Arizona. Happy travels!

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