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Whether Antelope Lower or Upper Canyon is Best for You

If you are looking for a great travel destination for your trip to Northern Arizona, look no further. Here at Lower Antelope Canyon, you will be able to have a trip to remember for years to come. When most people think of Antelope Canyon, they are not aware that it has a lower and upper region. Learning more about the differences between either Antelope Lower or Upper Canyon will help you notice the attractive travel qualities that we have at Lower Antelope Canyon.

The Biggest Difference Between Antelope Lower or Upper Canyon

The first thing to know about Antelope Canyon is that these are slot canyons. The Upper Canyon is a much deeper but slightly wider canyon to walk through. This canyon is shaped more like the letter A. While this canyon is wider, it is also darker because of its shape. However, here at our Lower Canyon, you walk through a slightly narrower space. This means you will have much more light to appreciate the natural beauty. There is more light because the canyon is shaped more like the Letter V than the letter A. This is very ideal if you are trying to take pictures, or just have a sunnier experience in general.

Lower Antelope Canyon: an Entertaining Walk

If you are looking for a more adventurous type of walk, our narrower passageways in the Lower Canyon can give you an exciting and exhilarating experience. As the walkway becomes narrower at the base of the cleft, staircases then take you to different levels, unlike the Upper Canyon(a flat and long adventure that may get boring along the way for younger or more adventurous travelers).

Antelope Upper Canyon: More Crowded

One of the things that we love most here at the Lower Canyon is the more open feel. When hiking or taking a tour in the Upper Canyon, you can many times feel as though there are too many people to fully enjoy your experience. Here, down in the Lower Canyon, we focus on providing smaller and more intimate tours. Simply due to the size of the canyon, you will have much less foot traffic in the Lower Canyon. You will also have no Jeep tours like you might have to deal with in the Upper Canyon.

Easier to Book Tours for the Lower Canyon

Booking tours in the Lower Canyon will be much easier now that Antelope Canyon is getting more popular. Tours for the Upper Canyon usually get booked-out weeks – or even months – in advance. However, it can be much easier to book a tour in the Lower Canyon on a whim. You can rest assured that our tours are much cheaper as well. While the rest of your trip might be quite expensive, you won’t have to break the bank on a guided tour at the Lower Canyon.

Visiting either Antelope Lower or Upper Canyon is an exceptional experience. You can, even still, immensely improve that experience by taking some time to reflect, look inward, and maintain a reverence appropriate for a spiritual site.

When Adventure Calls, Lower Canyon is Best

Whether you are younger, quite adventurous, or you have kids of your own, the Upper Canyon might be a bit boring for you. While a less strenuous tour might be the pick for some in the Upper Canyon, those who look for adventure – while deciding between Antelope Lower or Upper Canyon – should come and hang with us down in the Lower Canyon. Here, you have a feeling of trying to escape ancient ruins, exploring distant planets, or going back in time to an adventure that generations past would have gone on to find food or a new place to live.

Lower Antelope Canyon: Better Option in Winter

During wintertime, photographers and influencers flock to the Upper Canyon for photo ops. Consequentially, it will be much more crowded than our Lower Canyon, even during that cold time of year. While it is colder out, the last thing you want to deal with is crowds of people. We like to take care of our guests at the Lower Canyon, and we make sure you will stay warm while enjoying the unmatched natural beauty of the windswept rock walls. Also, it is easier to get natural light in our Lower Canyon, which will keep you warm.

Longer Experience

Simply put, our Lower Canyon is longer than the Upper Canyon. You have ample time to hike, hang out with your friends, and enjoy this natural beauty. When trying to spend quality time with family or friends, but you want to keep on the move, Lower Canyon is the right pick for you. While hiking in the Upper Canyon, your trip may be over before you are ready to be done with your journey. However, that will not happen in the Lower Canyon.

Private and Secluded

Let’s talk about two words: light beams. The most expensive photo in history features Antelope Canyon and a beam of light hauntingly illuminating a cloud of dust. These light beams have become very popular in photography since then. Because of this, there are so many influencers looking to take pictures with these light beams. Want to avoid that? Our Lower Canyon has fewer light beams but is more illuminated and breathtaking. If you don’t want to deal with people making Tik Toks, filming for their YouTube channels, or posting to their Instagram stories, the Lower Canyon is the place for you. 

So, Antelope Lower or Upper canyon?

While both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon can be a great choice, we really feel that the Lower Canyon is the place to be, as do many others. We feature gorgeous, windswept rock formations and we love the excellent lighting and ease of traverse. We work hard to give our visitors an experience that is fun, exciting, and personal. If you want to climb ladders, use staircases, and feel extra adventurous, come give us at the Lower Canyon a visit. Ditch the crowds and have an exciting experience with us soon! 

Don’t wait, adventure with us today! It will be a trip to remember.

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