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Camping Spots Near Antelope Canyon

There are a lot of different camping spots near Antelope Canyon. This is a good thing because camping spots can fill up extremely fast, especially during holidays and summer break. Not having a spot to stay at can make a trip more difficult. You may have to stay farther away from the hiking spots you planned on visiting. If you are far enough away from these spots, you may end up changing what you go see, which can be disappointing. In the worst-case scenario, you may have to cancel your trip to Antelope Canyon if you cannot find a place to stay.

We do not want you to have to cancel your trip or change up your entire vacation plan. That is not ideal in any situation. We also want you to have the perfect spot to stay when you go camping. There are a lot of different camping spots and options in both Utah and Arizona. If you do get a camping spot, there is nothing worse than booking a spot that is not right for you.

Below are some options that you should consider when choosing a camping spot near Antelope Canyon:


Utah versus Arizona

You can stay at different camping spots within both states when taking a trip to Antelope Canyon. If you are just going to Antelope Canyon, you will want to get as close as you can to the canyon. There are not many spots to camp in Antelope Canyon so you will have to find a place that is outside of the canyon.

If you are mostly concerned about the distance, the nearest camping spot is located in Wahweap Marina at Lake Powell. If camping is not your ideal situation, the city of Page, Arizona has a lot of different options such as RV parks, motels, and hotels.


Camping versus RV

There is a difference between camping parks and RV parks. Some spots offer both camping and RV spots within the park, but some do not. It is important to make sure what you are reserving before you make an initial down payment. RV is a good option if you want to have some comfort of home while also being in the great outdoors. Page LakePowell Campground is a spot that has large RV spots. They also offer covered wagon camping, which is a unique experience for anyone feeling adventurous.


Try Glamping

Keep an open mind when you hear the word glamping. If you are set on camping and not being connected and want to escape, you can skip this section. But you may be open to different ideas and glamping is an option that may be a good fit for you. There are several different glamping spots in both Escalante, Utah, and Page, Arizona.

When you think of glamping, images of big lodges or crazy hotel rooms may come to mind. This is not the case for glamping spots near Antelope Canyon. You can find a variety of different spaces for rental. There are several spots that are small houses. This is a great fit if you are out all day exploring and getting dirty. You can come home and take a shower and rest in a nice bed. This will leave you refreshed and ready to get back out there the next day.


View Your Itinerary

You may not just be visiting Antelope Canyon. This can actually come in handy because you can find a spot that is farther away from the canyon. Choosing camping spots near Antelope Island that are farther away can be a really good thing because they may not be booked up in advance and will not cost as much.

If you are spending a majority of your time in Antelope Canyon, you will want to try and get a camping spot close to the canyon. Lake Powell is close to the canyon and known to have camping spots near Antelope Canyon. If you want to try camping on a beach, Lone Rock Beach Campground is a spot you may want to check out. They allow you to camp right on the beach which is an amazing experience. If you want a traditional, out in woods camping experience, check out Desert View Campground.


Think About Amenities

When you go camping there are some things that you should not have to give up. Some of these things can include indoor plumbing or some form of electricity. Every person is going to want something different or have something that they cannot give up. Once you figure out whether you want a camping spot or lodging of some sort you can get down to the specifics.

You may want a place to cool off after a hot day out in the sun. This means you may want to look at a hotel or even a motel that offers a swimming pool. If you do not want to spend money on breakfast, find lodging that offers a free breakfast with a reservation. The size of the room may be really important, especially if you are traveling with your family or friends. Check out the number of beds and the sizes of the beds. This way you will not be surprised when you unlock the door to your room.

If you have your heart set on camping, you have a lot of options. You may want running water that is treated and safe to drink. If you are determined to rough it and go out in nature, you may want a place that does not have indoor plumbing or electricity. If you want these amenities, be sure to check out the camping spot’s website before you book to see what they offer.

This is a lot of information, so do not feel too bad if you do not remember everything. The most important thing to take away from this article is that you find a camping spot that is right for you.


Have you found your perfect camping spot near Antelope Canyon? If you have, make sure to book a tour to Antelope Canyon with Lower Antelope Canyon Tours.