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Las Vegas trip-1
The Best Way to Plan a Trip from Las Vegas to Page, Arizona

Are you looking for an exciting getaway to two of the most popular tourist destinations in the Southwest? Look no further than a trip from Las Vegas, Nevada to Page, Arizona! Traveling between these two cities has never been easier, and you’ll be able to experience some of the most stunning natural beauty that the…

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Lower Antelope Canyon Parking
7 Top Questions About Lower Antelope Canyon Parking

Whether you plan on visiting the Lower Antelope Canyon or Upper Antelope Canyon, the vacation planning process can be overwhelming.  Like with any vacation, a trip to Antelope Canyon takes some time to coordinate. You need to determine which sites you want to see and what activities to do. Not only that but you must…

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Navajo antelope canyon tours-1
Reservations for 2023 are now available

Ready to visit Lower Antelope Canyon next year? Now’s your chance As hard as it is to believe, 2022 is fast coming to a close.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner, followed soon after by the Holiday season and then of course the start of a brand new year.   As such, reservations for the 2023…

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Navajo antelope canyon tour-1
Your 1st Time to Antelope Canyon

Are you excited about your 1st time to Antelope Canyon? Because we are excited for you. Antelope Canyon is an excellent and unique place you will not forget. We want you to have a smooth experience without any issues. The more you know about Antelope Canyon, the more you can enjoy it. Regardless if you…

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Antelope canyon Peak Season tour
Antelope Canyon During Off Peak Season

  So what’s been stopping you? For many people, the thought of being lost within the large crowds shuffling through the narrow walls of the slot canyon makes them uneasy.  No one likes being rushed, but it’s difficult not to feel that way when you stop to try to take the perfect picture. Many of…

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Antelope Canyon Kid Friendly
Is Lower Antelope Canyon Kid-Friendly? 100% Yes!

We often get asked, “Is Lower Antelope Canyon kid-friendly?”. The short answer is yes, Lower Antelope Canyon is most definitely a kid-friendly destination. The long answer takes some explaining, so let’s explore what makes this beautiful slot canyon a sought-after spot for families with children.  Lower Antelope Canyon is Not Like Upper Antelope Canyon If you…

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Antelope Canyon Facts
7 Fascinating Antelope Canyon Facts

There is a lot of history and stories associated with Antelope Canyon facts. The more you learn about this great canyon, the more you will enjoy it as you walk through and see the fabulous sites it has to offer. While learning about Antelope Canyon, know that you do not have to remember all of…

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arizona sightseeing flag
10 Great Sites for Arizona Sightseeing

Ready for the ultimate guide to Arizona sightseeing? The State of Arizona is best known for being a desert filled with cacti, animals, and amazing natural sites. It is home to the Grand Canyon and other National Parks. Everyone should take the time to visit Arizona at least once. The state is large and is…

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how to get to page arizona
3 Great Ways on How to Get to Page Arizona

We want you to know how to get to Page, Arizona. This is because it is the closest city to Antelope Canyon. It is also where our office is located and where you will meet for your Lower Antelope Canyon tour with you. Page, Arizona is a great location because it is near Lake Powell,…

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Best tour of Antelope Canyon
Best Tour of Antelope Canyon

You don’t want any tour of Antelope Canyon, You want the best tour of Antelope Canyon. This means that you want to choose the right tour for you and anyone else that you are traveling with. There can be a lot to consider when selecting a tour, and Antelope Canyon is something that everyone should…

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